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Learn the skills and develop your talent to design the styles of the rich and famous. But first prepare yourself to be accepted in the high world of fashion. At Limkokwing we offer flexible and affordable pathways that develop your talent and groom you into a polished person who speaks well and works with confidence.

Build Your Skills. Develop Your Confidence.

Level 1 Beginners
Gain a basic knowledge of personal grooming for professional services and hairdressing skills including haircutting, perming and colouring.

Level 2 Intermediate
You become a junior stylist. Weave your way through advanced styling techniques and gain in depth knowledge of hair technology in a professional environment.

Level 3 Professional
Learn to manage your own salon as a professional and confident hair designer while gaining entrepreneurial insights that give you an added advantage to become a successful entrepreneur.

Each level is a 3 month course.

Make-Up courses

  • Personal make-up
  • Bridal make-up
  • Professional stage make-up
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